A Tiny Christmas-New Year Miracle

A Tiny Christmas-New Year Miracle 

I have a friend who’s forty-six years-old; I’ll call her Mommy. She and Daddy, her husband, have tried for years to adopt a baby. Earlier this year, they were expecting a baby to be placed with them—and yes, I chose that word “expecting” on purpose. A pending adoptive family hopes and waits, then when told that a baby has been found for them, they go into “expectant mode,” similar to a pregnant couple, but more cautiously, because adoptions sometimes fall through—like this one did.

But a new baby was found for them and all was going well, until the foster mother of baby number two told the birth mother that the waiting family was in Missouri (the birth mom was from another state), then added, “If you let a family in Missouri adopt your baby, you’ll never see him again.” So, another near miss for Mommy and Daddy.   

Fast forward to the present—and you may not be surprised by the end of this story. Baby number three, a premie, was born in December and Mommy and Daddy have the tiny Christmas-New Year Miracle they’ve waited years for. He’s really theirs, and although he’s not yet large enough to go home, he’s growing and thriving and appears to be developing normally. 

Miracles do come true. Happy New Year and may you too find light in your life in 2019. 

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