Harlem Gentrificaion From A Rappers’ Perspective

Recently, Rapper Jim Jones sat down wit TheGrio.com to give his thoughts on being born and raised in Harlem – and how change is a good thing.

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His thoughts:

“I think gentrification can be a good thing for Harlem,” said the Dipset rapper. “But you gotta employ people from the neighborhood. If not, who’s benefiting from it?”

“Not to make it a racial thing, but to think if we would have known how to profit off what we were doing in the streets,” Jones reflects.
“The brownstones that are now owned by the white people in Harlem would still be ours.”

More Harlem News:

Fantasia Is Set To Star In a Cotton Club Duke Ellington-era Themed Musical Named ‘After Midnight,’ Does Impromptu Scatting On ‘Today’

The Synagogue Chabad Of Harlem Receives First New Torah In 70 Years (Columbia Spectator)

It’s Hard Out Here For An Artist: Former Boxer Turned Author And Street Poet Derrick ‘Blue’ Wilson Finds Himself Evicted As Fame, Book Sales Slow

From NYDN:

“The author of “Don’t Beat Your Children Or They’ll Turn Out Like Me” and other urban verse made $4,000 a month selling his books in the subways back in 2005, but now he’s down to $1,600. And tough times call for some creative pitches.

“If you like poetry, you’re going to have better sex,” Wilson shouts to a crowd of passerby on W. 125th St., though his writing isn’t graphic.

“Tonight, we can sleep with the lights on
and your voice will be that song that vibrates in my stomach
Thunder is a light word
and it would do no justice if I tried to describe
the impression you left on me

I guess the only reason that I never dream about you
Is because I stay up all night
Just thinking about you”

– from The Password Is Yes

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