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Happy Independence Day from New York City

WQXR Weekday Evening Host Terrance McKnight Shows Off His Harlem Home (Via NYT)

East Harlem Minister Rev. Norman Eddy, Who Sought To Create “Plymouth Colony In East Harlem” Passed Away at 93

From the Times:

 In his preferred role as “spiritual coordinator,” he helped organize citizens’ committees:

■ The East Harlem Credit Union Committee, which in 1956 persuaded the National Credit Union Administration to charter a citizens’ credit bank. The bank provided small loans to businesses and individuals in a community eschewed by savings banks and preyed on by loan sharks.

■ The East Harlem Narcotics Committee, whose hundreds of members became the volunteer power behind the counseling center and lobbied for changes in state drug laws.

■ The Metro North Citizens’ Committee, which began pressuring city officials in 1962 to build affordable housing and, when nothing happened, got a $1 million grant from a philanthropic foundation in Chicago to seed a federally subsidized, privately financed project. One of the first deals of its kind, it yielded 200 apartments by the mid-1960s, a block of renovated Section 8 subsidized rental units that anchored a gradual neighborhood revival.”

Harlem Hospital Center Is Nearing The Completion Of A $325 Million Dollar Upgrade (Via NYDN)

Wilie Mays Will Have Not One, But Two Streets Uptown Named In HIs Honor 

From NYDN:

“Mayor Bloomberg signed a bill Monday to co-name St. Nicholas Pl. from 153rd St. to 155th St. “Willie Mays Place,” and Harlem River Dr. from 155th St. to 163rd St. “Willie Mays Drive.”

Rivington Street, MacDougal Street, Murray Hill – And More: New York Street Names Are Subtle Nods To America’s Infancy (Via AM New York)

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