Why Not Create an Audio Book?

I attended a workshop on “Creating Your Audio Book” and despite not wanting to add a single thing to my agenda, ever, I went home and checked out ACX.com, the recommended website, because the speaker said developing an audio book “Is really easy and it’s free.

Sure enough, if an author is willing to share royalties, rather than pay a producer’s hourly fee, it doesn’t cost anything to make an audio book. There is also an option that allows an author to read her own book, but I wanted a professional voice actor for “Sugar Hill.”

Once I mastered the administrative part of ACX’s website, the fun part began, and I started listening to sample auditions. I found an ideal voice and she, the producer-reader was willing to work on a royalty basis; that’s the free part. I don’t have to pay her. The producer wanted to narrate my book, as did several other people, because ACX made “Sugar Hill” eligible for a $100/hour stipend.

The stipend means two things: First, ACX believes an audio version of “Sugar Hill” will sell well enough for them to recoup the $900 ”bonus” they pay the reader. In other words, over and above any royalties the producer receives from my book sales, she will also get a $100/hour bonus for every finished hour it takes her to do the book, as long as she finishes it within 60 days.

ACX estimated that with editing, etc., it would take a producer 8-9 hours to complete my book. That sounded like a good deal to me.

So what’s in it for me? Without shelling out $900 or more, in April of 2013, I will have a new way to sell my book on Amazon.com, iTunes and Audible.com to a worldwide audience that I hadn’t previously considered. Will I get rich, not likely, but I will make more money than I would have if I hadn’t made the deal.

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