Soul Food Recipe : Fried Kidneys, Gravy and Grits

As best I can remember, this is one of my grandmother’s oldest and most delicious soul food receipes:

Gram’s Breakfast Kidneys, Gravy and Grits

*1 lb. veal (or beef) kidneys cut into bite-size pieces

Dredge kidneys in salt and pepper-seasoned flour

Add 2-3 tbsp of bacon grease to heated skillet

Quickly brown kidneys on all sides and remove from pan


If necessary, add another tbsp of bacon grease to pan

Using low-medium heat, add 2-3 tbsp flour

Stir flour into pan, while scraping up the drippings

When flour mixture is brown, slowly add 1/2 cold water

(amount of water may need to be adjusted)

Place kidneys in gravy mixture, cover and cook on low-medium

heat for 15 minutes, while stirring frequently; adjust seasoning


Cook grits according to package directions

Serve up helpings of grits with kidneys and gravy on top

*Beef kidneys are cheaper, but less flavorful or tender

Before cooking, beef kidneys also need to be soaked in water

for 2 hours to draw out the strong flavor

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